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Published November 2021
"The Canadian Horse" by Elisabeth Sipila. Published in this book are four of my images, including the book cover and a double page at the end.

About the book:
Over the past several decades, Canadian Horse numbers have declined drastically. Still considered "Vulnerable," the breed has been on the cusp of extinction more than once in recent times
All of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to The Canadian Horse Rescue and Re-Homing Society, a group of dedicated individuals that takes Canadian Horses from vulnerable situations and helps them find new, loving homes.

Published June 2021
Trailblazher Magazine - Issue 3
For the business portrait of L.E Bennett Leather and Silver, five of my images were selected to be featured in the magazines summer edition
About the magazine:
Trailblazher is an independent, quarterly printed magazine that showcases the lifestyles, stories and modern business wisdom of enterprising, rural women.

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