Hi there, thank you kindly for your interest.

Well, about me... born and raised in Germany, I landed (literally) 2008 in Canada, and I'm happy to call it home now.

My love for horses sparked when I was a little girl and never stopped. I started with english riding lessons at the age of 12, later worked and lived several years on a horse ranch, and had our horses at home in our own little barn for a few years before we moved to Canada. I thought, this might explain my passion and love for Equine Photography?

I was interested in Photography since my late twenty's but it really took off when I got my first Digital SLR Camera several years ago. A Christmas present from the greatest hubby I was so lucky to have ♥. My almost obsessive attention to detail makes photography the perfect creative outlet.

My cameras are my pride and joy and my first was the start of my journey into the meanings of Exposure, Aperture, Depth of field... and the never ending hunt for that special spark that makes you remember a photograph.

I hope you enjoyed the stroll through my pictures and the stories they tell, it was my pleasure to have you here. A very big "thank you" goes to my sister,
Marianne Drews and my Son Lukas who both keep providing me with all the nice pictures of myself. If you have any questions, opinions or just the urge to talk, please don't hesitate, just click the contact button and send me a few lines or leave a comment below the message form. I would love to hear from you!
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