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A little bit about me, your photographer:
Simple country gal, born and raised in Germany, since 2008 in Canada and happy to call it home. Mother of two, Grandma of three, animal lover and western rider. Imaginative, curious and determined to go through life with a vast sense of humor.

Although I have always been fascinated with photography I never thought of becoming a photographer myself until I owned my first DSLR Camera in 2015. The necessity to master the camera and the exploration of its possibilities fulled my desire

to learn and understand all aspects of photography. My journey into the technical and artistic details of capturing and editing images led to the launching of "Pictured by GMG Photography" in 2017. Two years later I became a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada and achieved my first accreditation in Equine Portrait in February 2022. Followed by accreditations in Stock Photography in July 2022 and in Canine Portrait in January 2023

Based in the small town of Grunthal (80km south of Winnipeg)

I specialize in Equine and Canine Photography. While I keep growing as an artist and hopefully never stop growing, I am passionately pursuing my dream of capturing meaningful moments in time and preserving precious memories by creating beautiful, timeless images.

I hope you enjoyed the stroll through my pictures and the stories they tell, it was my pleasure to have you here. A very big "thank you" goes to my sister, Marianne Drews and my Son Lukas who both keep providing me with lovely pictures of myself. If you have any questions, opinions or want to book an appointment please don't hesitate, just click the contact button and send me a few lines or connect with me through Facebook or give me a call. I would love to hear from you!

Fotka: M. Grajciar

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Impressions - Behind the Camera

DSC_0087_9200 -1fb.jpg

Photo: M. Drews

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Photo: M. Drews

Photo: M. Drews

DSC_0085_9198 -1fb.jpg

Photo: M. Drews


Photo: Lukas Grajciar

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